MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3
MEWE Sleep 3

    MEWE Sleep 3" Memory Foam Topper


      Perfect 3-inch Topper

      • A combination of 2-inch TOP layer and 1-inch BOTTOM super soft memory foam.
      • Creates a light, breathable, elastic, soft, and supportive topper.

      Size (inch) 

      • Twin: 74"x38"x3"
      • Twin XL: 80"x38"x3"
      • Full: 74"x53"x3"
      • Queen: 80"x60"x3"
      • King: 80"x76"x3"

      Unique design

      • Unique Swirl egg design & cooling gel-infused memory foam can regulate sleep temperature and relax your body.

      Softest touch

      • The polyester under the technology of the latest weaving offers the softest touch.

      Suitable for various scenes

      • Thin and easy to roll up.
      • Can be taken on outdoor picnics.

      Improve sleep quality

      • It’s quite a convenient and economical way to improve sleep quality by simply adding a topper to the improper mattress.


      • Suitable for pregnant women, teenagers, and senior people.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      After 3 months on the couch, I'm back with my husband in our bed!

      This topper is simply amazing. We have a brand new (Aug 2019) firm mattress that was so comfortable for me UNTIL my auto accident in Oct 2019. I finally couldn't take the sleepless night of tossing and turning, adjusting pillows, blankets until finally one night I actually fell asleep on our sofa and did not even know it waking up the next morning with my glasses still on! The couch is soft and conforms to the shape of my body so my injuries (blown discs in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; surgery scheduled) don't feel quite so bad. After 3 months I was missing my husband much too much. So we decided to research mattress toppers. We purchased this topper and prayed I'd get a good night sleep. The first night I fell fast asleep and did not move or wake up all night long! that was a first in months. My husband and I L O V E this MEWE Topper!

      Great night sleep on this wonderful topper.

      This is the best pillow topper ever. I now sleep 8 hours. I love it. Before I might sleep about 4 hours. This topper is like floating on top of a cloud. Not sinking into a cloud. This topper has improved my quality of life. I am not longer tired all day from lack of sleep.

      Better than I expected.

      Better than I expected.

      highly recommended

      Great mattress, highly recommended.

      Open, Set On Bed, Sleep

      I like it. Give it a try:)